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Local farmers invited to showcase at MacFrut Expo

The Agriculture and Marketing Authority has invited local horticulture players to register for the upcoming MacFrut Expo 2024 in Italy.

The expo will be held from May 8th to May 10th at the Remin Expo Centre. MacFrut is an international trade fair focused on fruits and vegetables, providing a platform for exhibitors to showcase their products and explore export opportunities.

The expo covers various sectors such as production, machinery, packaging, greenhouses, spices, logistics, and more.

Participants in the event will have the chance to engage with potential customers, attend international events, and network with startups.

This presents a valuable opportunity for local producers to expand their market reach and find new export markets.

Local exhibitors who participate in the expo have an opportunity to establish business connections, boost export sales, and contribute to the growth of the nation’s agricultural sector.

Registration through AMA is open until March 23rd, 2024

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