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Gallivanters Present the Ultimate Getaway “One Night” at Lumene Falls

By Ashley Ndlovu The Gallivanters, a Bulawayo-based travel agency, has introduced a weekend escape named “One Night” at the enchanting Lumene Falls. Specializing in consultancy, team building activities, and extraordinary travel experiences, The Gallivanters operates from the Lobengula Youth Centre in Bulawayo. To make reservations, travelers can visit the TM Meikles counter at the Champions […]

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Adventuring into the pools of Mother Nature

By Cynthia Mhuru Amidst the fabric of global travel and adventure, one gem stands as an embodiment of untamed beauty and unbridled wonder—the Mana Pools National Park of Zimbabwe. As seasoned globetrotters champion the ineffable allure of the world, this breathtaking destination unveils itself as an underappreciated marvel, weaving a captivating narrative of nature’s raw […]

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‘Santa Comes to Chiredzi’…Chiredzi to Host Unique CBD Holiday Spectacular

The small town of Chiredzi is set to host an extraordinary Christmas program, the first of its kind in the Chiredzi Central Business District (CBD). With an array of thrilling activities including jumping castles, trampolines, and a special appearance by Santa Claus himself, this festive event guarantees an unforgettable holiday experience for residents and visitors […]

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