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Umguza Yacht Club: A Premier Outdoor Haven near Bulawayo

By Ashley Ndlovu

The Umguza District lies to the south-west of Matabeleland North Province, on the outskirts of Bulawayo town. The district features several tourism destinations, and among the most scenic is the Umguza Yacht Club, a favored spot predominantly for residents of Bulawayo. It’s located just a few kilometers from the Bulawayo CBD.

Umguza’s central location offers convenient access to the Umguza Yacht Club, situated in Aslebly Farm.

The Yacht Club is set around the picturesque Umguza Dam, providing breathtaking views and serving as a go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The Umguza Yacht Club operates under the management of Zandie Bikes.

The heart of the resort is Umguza Dam, which captivates visitors with its undeniable beauty.

The Umguza Yacht Club stands as one of the premier tourist attractions in Bulawayo, offering a haven for outdoor activities, ranging from adrenaline-pumping experiences such as ziplining, the giant swing, jumping castles to adventurous pursuits like horse riding, range shooting, quad biking, and boat cruising, all of which promise to leave visitors breathless.

The club’s gates open at 11 a.m. daily and feature entertainment from various artists and DJs, allowing adventure-seekers to immerse themselves in the rhythm and soul of the music.

The lush, evergreen surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for the array of activities that have made this leisure resort famous.

Besides catering to the adventure-seekers, Umguza Yacht Club serves as a hub for relaxation and leisure, representing an ideal destination for nomadic tourists seeking to unwind. Please note that accommodation services are not provided at the resort.

For further information and inquiries, please visit their Facebook page at or call +263784177953.

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