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Gallivanters Present the Ultimate Getaway “One Night” at Lumene Falls

By Ashley Ndlovu

The Gallivanters, a Bulawayo-based travel agency, has introduced a weekend escape named “One Night” at the enchanting Lumene Falls.

Specializing in consultancy, team building activities, and extraordinary travel experiences, The Gallivanters operates from the Lobengula Youth Centre in Bulawayo.

To make reservations, travelers can visit the TM Meikles counter at the Champions Insurance in Jason Moyo Street, Bulawayo. Lumene Falls, with its cascading waters, promises a majestic spectacle.

Priced at $USD 24.99 per person, this irresistible retreat will take place from February 17-18, 2024. The package includes a picturesque picnic at the falls with provisions for transportation, meals, lodging, and entrance fees.

Guests can immerse themselves in nature by gathering around captivating bonfires that transport them to a dreamlike state. Additionally, an exceptional team building package awaits, featuring water activities, hiking, mountain climbing, sightseeing, dinner, and bonfires.

Situated in the verdant surroundings of Esigodini, Zimbabwe, Lumene Falls is a stunning showcase of natural beauty.

The falls, with a mesmerizing drop of around 10 meters extending 20 meters, offer visitors a breathtaking panorama. Found in Bezha Village, Umzingwane District, near Bulawayo, travelers can reach Lumene Falls by taking the Bulawayo – Beitbridge road and turning off at Mtshabezi Dam.

While the 2km pathway to the falls is rugged and suitable for off-road vehicles, the site is easily accessible by road.

Lumene Falls boasts several rock pools ideal for swimming and invites fishing enthusiasts to enjoy its serene surroundings near Mtshabezi Dam. Explore the hidden marvels of nature at Lumene Falls and witness the untouched beauty of this natural gem.

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