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Local artists in competition, but winners go unrewarded

By Titos Makondo

WHEREVER contest take place, usually winners are prized for their dedication, but that is not the case with Avuxeni FM, which has organised a musical contest where winners go unrewarded because the station’s wallet is crying for mercy.

Avuxeni FM has embarked on a journey to support local artists, despite its shoestring budget. With the Avuxeni Saturday Local Top 20, launched in April, 2024, the station has attracted a score of talented local artists who have embraced the contest with two hands.

However , the lack of rewards for winners causes discomfort for both the artists and the contest organisers. As a result, Lancelot Nyumani, a local artist who has organised the contest, is now seeking sponsors to support the Avuxeni Saturday Local Top 20.

Speaking to this publication, Lancelot revealed that the Avuxeni Saturday Local Top 20 is his brain child, which Avuxeni FM has taken under its wings.

“I came up with the idea seeking to encourage local artists to continue excelling. But, due to a lack of funds, l have to view this contest as a raincloud on sunny day,” he said.

While he wishes to see winners taking prizes home and being proud of their achievements, Lancelot has started appealing to the community for donations.

“l urge individuals and organisations to open their wallets and generously sponsor the Avuxeni Saturday Local Top 20 so that we can reward the winners and thereby motivate them to keep producing outstanding music.”

Lancelot ended saying that most of the local artists are exceptionally talented to deserve a national stage, but lamented that a lack of sponsors hinders their great music from reaching out its full potential.

Interested in sponsoring the Avuxeni Saturday Local Top 20? Reach out to Lancelot Nyumani on 077 136 2485.

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