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Top Sisters’ Brand New ‘Hossana’ Now Out

Titos Makondo

IF you are not a fan of Top Sisters, you are missing out a melodic music, brimming of vicarious flavor and fun!

This was a message from Top Sisters’ social media handles, announcing the release of a new song titled Hossana, which they defined as a fabulous-must-play.

Released on August 7, Hossana is meant to keep music disciples off the bone spur, to add a beacon of hope and inspire cheerfulness in all degrees of shattering cases.

Top Sisters: Alice Mthombeni and Lister Mthombeni, from Hlengweni, started singing in church, later draw aspirations from Makhadzi to venture into music.

The pair exposed that the new song displays their tip-top musical talent, adding that those who do not know them will get to register them through this song.

Top Sisters said, “We started as novice, shying and panicking, however, being passionate moulded us to a no shrinking violet when behind the microphone.”

“As unsigned singers, we are being dimmed from blazing as stars due to slender wallet. Still, we are but an unstoppable tide, geared to entertaining the world.

“So, let it be public: We are ready for contract and bookings. We shall keep the doors open to sponsors and big artists, who wish to invest and work with us.”

Asked a word for fans, said, ” We are thankful for your support, continue backing us in thick and thin. We promise you nothing but more terrific music, hossana!”

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