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Poetry: It’s a hoax, hocus-pocus not

It’s a hoax, hocus-pocus not

Panic not, yet the fatalities panicked us,

Conspiracy theories circulated, with racial dichotomous beliefs

The young aren’t much susceptible, but they succumbed, we buried.

Blacks are immune but they shovel in isolation, we give the soil back

Some said it’s the 5G network, and scientifically proven not.

A hanky-panky, hoax not, it’s real.

Parousia links we panicked yet not.

Eschatology we opened the Bibles with eyes closed

With no comorbidities we gave ourselves false hope.

Vaccines and microchips they hypothesized,

Scientific investigations demystified the myths

What then is it? A hocus-pocus not

Panic not but hypochondria pressed the panic button

Staying indoors fearing the unseen pushed beings out

It was overseas they demonised it, hypothesised curse

Now knocks the neighbors’ doors the black future gets bleak?

Unsubstantiated touted organics haven’t saved humanity yet

The clergy’s orisons saved them not?

Apocalypse, conspiracies dusk to dawn render hopeless us

It’s jiggery-pokery, hoax not.

In lazaretto, our kith, kin breathe not

In immure, they wait for results to meet their loved ones

From lazaretto, immure they face stigmatisation

Yet they have done due diligence

Shower your hands, distance, and stay indoors.

It’s never a hoax, hocus-pocus it’s real.

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