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Poetry: Letter To My Father

By Kwanele Mntungwa

To you baba
I leave this piece with love.

Forgive me father
For blaming you,
For not raising your
Own blood.

I now understand,
That I was supposed to be a man from day one.
Without teeth
I was to grind.

You left me with no picture.
I don’t know you,
Just pictures in the mirror,
When my sister and I look at it.

I’m not complaining much,
But life without you
Was never easy at all,
But perhaps it was the easiest one I got.
Because I never tasted one with you.

I have asked mother,
She says you were a criminal,
A useless gadabout dog.
But I wish you were there,
To say your side of the story,
So that I could be sited, judging
And sending you,
To a prison of regret.
To regret there till
You die..


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