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A Move To Unite Local Churches

By Titos Makondo

CHRISTIANITY is one way as we believe in one God – the master of the universe.

This is a call to all pastors and churches, are you there?
The query itself serves as a call to all local churches to coalesce for the common cause of bettering societies.

Pastor Kuzo Kuzo from Chiredzi is behind the gong. A man who used to be a member of Alliance Church and now chaplains his own, Calvary Empowered Church.

He told this publication that evangelists must not remain behind pulpit but move close to community, adding they have community as practical ground for showcasing to the world the virtue of churches.

But, the Chiredzi based pastors seem to be on high with the idea. They have just fused and formed a non-profit organisation called Hlengweni Pastors Fraternity [HPF], to make the endeavor a success.

HPF is chaired by Pastor Kuzo Kuzo. The non-profit organisation is seeking to encourage local churches to follow the footsteps of missionary chapels, which are described as development saviors to the communities.

The man of God, who has been tirelessly engaging and mobilising local ministries said some local pastors have bought the idea with great joy.

“So far the organisation constitutes seventeen pastors from different denominations. We encourage all the Hlengweland pastors from Zimbabwe and South Africa to sign up in batches”, pastor Kuzo Kuzo highlighted.

In the same vein, the Alliance church’s Rev Mbaimbai have sided with the idea saying it’s a fact chapels must help their communities to become better places to live.

“Long back [1890] the founder of the Evangelical Alliance Missions, Fredrik Franson, looked a person in two parts, the spirituality and the physical.

“To cater for these, on spiritual side he emphasized the preaching of the gospel while on the physical aspect highlighted the doing of community projects for community development,” Mbaimbai explained.

Pastor kuzo kuzo is up this paragon. Despite of his ministry being a hole on the wall, last time he had made an endeavor to offer some goodies to local needy.

His direct message and plea to all pastors in the area if not everywhere is “let’s team up as a church and action development in our communities.”

For more information, feel free to contact Pastor Kuzo Kuzo on +27 79 027 5748

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