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Avuxeni FM Unveils Top Local Artists

By Titos Makondo

Avuxeni FM has initialised the battle of the bands – Avuxeni Saturday Local Top 20, to promote and uncover the regional superstars, who are yet to break into stardom due to a slice of support given to them, despite being extremely talented in music.

The Avuxeni Saturday Local Top 20 takes place at a time when local artists have been demanding it. Launched last month, this program is held every Saturday, enabling music enthusiasts to vote for their favourite local artists and thus rewarding them with musical recognition.

Meanwhile, Chivasi DiBoy, Madzibaba Hardy Chipesu, George Mandlalele, Teeboy, Pastor Mkhiri and DJ Hope have been hailed as leading artists, sitting atop the local musical log. In just two months, DJ Hope made it to the first position three times in a row, while others only reached it once.

The Chiredzi Scrivener had a privilege of speaking to these virtuosos, who are mainly from Chiredzi and Mwenezi districts. Just like peas in a pod, they all shared the same view that artists need support to succeed and underlined that Avuxeni FM and the fans are the perfect complement to their music, like cream cheese to bagels.

Ernest Maluleke, one of the co- producers behind Avuxeni Saturday Local Top 20, encouraged artists to take part in this musical contest which he believes can help them grow and gain exposure.

“Avuxeni FM has its roots deep in promoting local music. We encourage artists to submit their musics to Avuxeni FM without hesitation,” he said, adding, “when selecting music, we prioritise the most requested songs from our request shows.”

Lancelot Nyumani, also a contributing producer and artist said, “To all artists, l say let’s unite and embrace this competition to grow our musical careers. If you haven’t participated in this contest yet – never give up, your chance could be next time.”

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