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Loser CCC’s Dr Gumbo singing same song with Chamisa

By Titos Makondo

CHIREDZI South CCC’s Dr Douglas Gumbo who lost to Joel Sithole in a poliical fight for a legislator crown has joined the party leader in beating the holy crap out of ZANU PF’s victory on recent polls.

Nelson Chamisa denied the election results where ZANU PF emerged a victor, citing that President Mnangagwa won by hook and crook. So with Gumbo for similar cause, rubbished Joel Sithole’s triumph.

Dr Gumbo, a man of few words, yesterday opened a cane of worms, questioning his rival as to “what kind of a leader are you if all those around you and the whole constituency know that you didn’t win?”

In a statement laced with few words of lambasting his rival and citizens, Dr Gumbo also surfaced the irregularities of the elections in Chiredzi South which he said were willfully meant to threaten and command citizens to vote for ZANU PF, the ruling party.

“In Chiredzi South it’s all about celebrating 6083 – president Chamisa and 7528 – Dr Gumbo, transformational leadership vote versus terror vote

Xahombe I vuswa vote ( 2k sugar/ salt, 750ml cooking oil and 10kg mealie meal), plus command vote for wrongman.”

Gumbo, a sore loser who seems to be licking wounds applauded only the 7528 who voted for him, tagged the rest as “Xahombe l vuswa”, a Xitsonga/Shangani name which literally mean what is important is sadza/vuswa.

He said although ZEC declared ZANU PF has won, it’s not yet over…”Vote ya nwina a yi xavisangi xitakataka xa nwina, kumbe ku xaviwa hi vuswa(your vote didn’t sell your fertile soil nor bought with sadza).

Hon Sithole, also known as Rockman, nicknamed to Wrongman by his rival, advised Gumbo to mind his register. “He must learn to respect others. Elections are done, let’s focus on developmental issues,”

Sithole said However, despite the unsettled electoral dispute, and the noise of opposition, His Excellency President Emmerson Mnanganga was on Monday, 4 September sworn in as president of Zimbabwe for a second, a stumbling block to ‘Yellows’ who are calling for re- run.

Meanwhile, CCC dropped the decision to challenge ZANU PF in court, officials are currently seeking help of African leaders and SADC to push for fresh poll, according to CCC deputy spokesperson Gift Siziba.

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