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Tapudzai High School Celebrates Excellence at Prize Giving Day

In a dazzling display of triumph, Tapudzai High School in Zaka, Masvingo province recently held its highly anticipated annual prize giving day, showcasing academic brilliance and celebrating sporting achievements.

The Prize Giving Day event showcased outstanding achievements by students in various subject areas. The school’s educators meticulously selected the best student in each subject, based on the mid-year exam results.

The overall best student was chosen from across all forms, taking into account the academic performance of each form using mark schedules.

The awards were divided into categories highlighting academic excellence, sports achievements, discipline, smartness, and musical talent. This multidimensional approach ensured that students from all walks of life were recognized and celebrated for their exceptional abilities.

As a guest of honour, the event welcomed the CEO of Leloma Hunting Safaris, Mr. Phillip Mafuta. A former student of Tapudzai High School, Mr. Mafuta’s success exemplified the potential for achievement after completing education at the institution.

By presenting him as a role model, the school aimed to motivate current students to pursue their dreams with dedication and determination.

In his speech, Mr Mafuta detailed his educational and professional journey, filled with highs and lows; from walking long distances to school, failing to pay schools fees to founding a company that has employed a number of graduates and contributed to community development.

Tapudzai High School boasts an impressive track record of producing successful individuals who have pursued higher education and excelled in various fields, including accounting, law, medicine and electronic engineering. The school takes pride in nurturing students who become accomplished professionals and contribute positively to society.

The school has a rich sporting history, with appearances at district and provincial levels in netball and soccer. In netball, Tapudzai High School represented the district at the provincial level, with their last appearance in 2016. In 2011, the school represented the district in soccer, showcasing their commitment to both academic and extracurricular excellence.

While the event did not include scholarships, it featured special awards given by generous donors who participated in recognizing and supporting the exceptional talents of Tapudzai High School students.

The significance of the Prize Giving Day lies in its capacity to inspire students and encourage them to strive for excellence in their final academic examinations. By motivating learners to perform outstandingly, Tapudzai High School aims to empower its students to become agents of positive change within the community.
Tapudzai High School continues to thrive as an educational institution committed to nurturing academic prowess, sporting achievements, discipline, talent, and a sense of responsibility in its students.

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