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There’s no sin in doing politics, says Alliance pastor

By Titos Makondo

CHIKOMBEDZI – Alliance ministry’s Apostle D H Hobyani who has been the subject of peoples’ gossips since he dived into a political battlefield for the Chiredzi South MP seat in recent primary elections smells no amiss in chasing after political careers.

In a dialogue with The Chiredzi Scrivener, the erudite evangelist poked holes in some churches’ dogmas which barricade Christians from participating in the national governance and infiltrating political positions.

Hobyani said the doctrine that christians are not meant for politics is a denial of christians’ right to rulership over their nations.”The Bible says Adam was created and ordered to till the land, replenish it, and rule it – as for me the same decree also applies to us as christians.”

In attempt to add more polish, Pastor Mbaimbai of the same church said Christians are free to take part in politics so long they maintain their Christianity.

“lt’s the culture we grew up in and the distasteful form of the present political world which makes the environment unconducive to Christians, however, in other nations pastors are politicians who partake in the national decision making board.

“Even so , bear in mind that we (Christians) are the salt of the world. When we leave those influential political positions in the hands of unbelievers, people would be stepped with iron feet,” Mbaimbai explains.

Pastor M M Kwinika of Believers of Christ who has begged to differ says christianity and politics are water and oil.”One can not be both a church leader and political revolutionalist, thus serving two masters which is impossible.

According to Calvary Empowered’s pastor Kuzo Kuzo, a pastor can choose to become a political revolutionalist given that we have different types of pastors: (1) Called by God to be pastors, (2) Called by people to be pastors, and (3) Called by themselves to be pastors.

“To the one called by God is assigned to preach the word of God to the world, no other piece work. That is to say myself as a pastor l have only one assignment and l don’t know about others,” says Kuzo Kuzo.

However, Hobyani says his prime objective of going after politics is to attain access to represent Christ in parliament.He vowed to keep chasing after his dream political career despite having bitten the dust at his first tryout and critics from fellows who don’t encourage church leaders to participate in politics.

He concluded saying what would happen if all the politicians were to be converted into Christians and leave their political positions? “Hence l urge Christians out there to freely join any political party and infiltrate positions of their choice,” he differs.

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