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Discover the natural wonder of Pokoteke Gorge

Nestled in the Beza Range of hills on the northern side of Lake Mutirikwi (Kyle) lies the Pokoteke Gorge, a natural wonder waiting to be explored.

The gorge is formed where the Pokoteke River cuts through the hills, creating a stunning landscape that is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna.

To reach the gorge, visitors can take a reasonably good road that turns off the Masvingo to Birchenough Bridge Road, approximately 20 kilometers from Masvingo.

The path alongside the Pokoteke River runs through the gorge from northwest to southeast, with the southeastern end located within Lake Kyle Recreational Park.

The park is scenically one of the most attractive in Zimbabwe, with its major attraction being a thriving wildlife population. Visitors can explore the park on horseback and witness undisturbed trees and flourishing game populations.

The absence of predators and elephants allows for an environment that is safe for visitors to enjoy picnics and other activities.

This year, Lake Mutirikwi spilled for the first time since 2008 when two floodgates at the dam opened. This event has made Pokoteke Gorge even more spectacular as visitors can now witness nature’s power at work.

The gorge is home to many riverine species as well as plants that thrive in rocky places and rock faces. Visitors can explore this unique ecosystem while enjoying activities such as game drives, fishing, rhino trails, boating, and picnics.

For those who want to stay overnight in this beautiful location, there are thatched self-catering lodges available within Lake Kyle Recreational Park.

These lodges offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape and provide a comfortable base from which visitors can explore all that Pokoteke Gorge has to offer.

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