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King Malisanga Speaks of His Musical Career

By Titos Makondo
King Malisanga (38), has been through a lot to give up the ride; avowed to keep the ball rolling till he writes his name and that of his home ground in gold through music.

He has inherited musical talent from his pa, who was a teacher and an artist of a note. The fast rising artist from Malisanga, Chiredzi South told The Chiredzi Scrivener that his musical journey has been associated with hiccups due to poor background and lack of support.

“l fell in love with music in 2006, with no one on my side to turn to for assistance. As an autodidact, l couldn’t write well rhyming songs until l met a Shona artist, Titsoman, who clued to fine song writing.
“We released a song in the name of collaboration in 2016, which was successful and a fear-squash to my side.

Peacefully, l left Titso to venture my own label. I then, in 2017, dropped, Baba Deon, a carol that dragged me to spotlight and made me rub shoulders with the big names. l remember in 2020 when l brew a ‘storm’ titled, Kumabvazuva, which took a flight to as far as Switzerland”, Malisanga narrates.

Malisanga used to sing in chiShona, until he met Billion Largest of Coles Studio who advised him to sing in his home language (Tsonga) for better fruition. Having weighed the pros and cons of singing in his home language, the Zimbabwean dancehall chanter dropped two Tsonga tracks, Xiluva Xanga and U ta fika ndzilo in 2022.”

The vocalist added that without the donations from a good Samaritan he would have aborted his dreams, adding that failure to appreciate their sacrifice sounds like violating one of the biblical ten commandments.

“l would like to express my gratitude to Simplex Solution Prepaid Services, for being my savior in music industry. Otherwise, hefty music making expenses would have choked me. To DJ KC (Ketina Chivasa), thanks for featuring my music in African Panorama Radio 54, by so doing you were building my brand.

“Not forgetting Lizzy Garande (Miss Gee) and Boss Governor, a big thanks for your tremendous support. Keep on promoting and supporting my music and l keep on entertaining you”, he poured thanksgiving.

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