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By Titos Makondo

IT was during a church sermon in a chapel l have been attending since l decided bootlicking Jesus when l first learn about ‘conscience’.

I was taught that conscience is a still inner voice that makes minority reports in our minds and warn us that someone might be watching on us.

I then conducted ‘Collins Dictionary’ for a broader meaning of the term; it is defined as the part of your mind that tells you what is right or wrong.

In life l have attested that conscience speaks louder in our minds like Jehovha himself speaking from the mount especially when one is stuck on cross road wondering which way to go.
And the interesting part of the story is that we all have conscience – a compass of the unknown. Therefore, l urge everyone out there to make a ‘me’ time and listen to such an amazing voice when the mind is blank and blink.

What is it that you wish to achieve at the fall of the year? You shouldn’t be scared to take action and add in because you have a compass of the unknown. The naked truth is anyone is likely to prevail in whatever he/she set out to do if we can follow our hearts.

Conscience is a self-tutor in knowledge of everything. It guide us as we press towards our goals. In truth we normally fall into calamity and all dangerous menace because we don’t pay attention to conscience and the opposite is true.

What is eating you? Are you stuck somewhere along the high of self actulisation? Are you unsure of what you must do to spark business, career, studies, hustle and other activities? Always remember that conscience does boast decision making- if only you can adhere to it.

When you are touring along the path to self actualisation, it is that recurring voice that says, “Are you sure you are in the right path? “- to make you double check and save time and money.
Whatever goal you are chasing always remember that conscience is a pendulum swinging in your favour no matter what.

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