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Lance Drops Two Killer Songs

Titos Makondo

FLAMBOYANT singer Lancelot Nyumani, also known as Lance is back with high gear.

The 27-year-old talented artist from Nyangambe Resettlement Area, Chiredzi North, who takes pride in singing in his mother tongue, Xitsonga, has prepared an ear banquet for his fans, released duo tracks on Friday, 10 March.

Speaking about his latest tracks, Lance said he has dropped two melodious tracks in rich and perfect tones and beats to qeunch fans’ musical thirst- one for couples , one for fellow Christians: “Ni Yehovha” and “Mi Swi Kota njhani”.

“My intent is to preach the gospel and bust marriage and relationship bubbles through music”, said Lance, a driver by occupation, overexcited that he has made it by God’s grace.

“Since l don’t have sponsors, l pump out money from my slender pocket for music production, hoping my toils will bear fruits in due time as God is on my side.

“Come rain come sunshine, l will keep making music because singing makes me a full set.Never shall l disappoint my fans when music calls.Hence, l beg your support- big or small”, Lance said.

Unfolding how he discovered his talent, brother Lancelot, a Seventh Day Adventist [SDA] member and chorester who speaks as if God were someone he met for coffee every day said he grew up exposed to an acoustic guitar, he played on free will, before God and everybody.

“I could sing and write songs at subadalt.So one day a friend of mine, Laston Baiton, said l am an autodidact -gifted singer.The remark motivated me and l squashed fear and flaunted”, he said.

Taking a little glimpse into his recent project, A kusaseka aku khomi vukati, takes lead as an undoubted hit that displays his musical prowess and showers moral education to women.

“Lance’s rich, musical voice makes him stand out from fellow musicians and vicegerent to Xitsai Tsai [Tsaito], a Mozambican big cock behind marabenta beat”, one music wizzard stated.

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