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Chikombedzi Donor Speaks

By Titos Makondo

THERE are people in the community who can contribute to assist the hospital to deliver better service, says Chikombedzi’s Ezzelle Schimper, concerned about Chikombedzi mission hospital’s unlaced-quality service.

The Chikombedzians’ savior who has been charitable involved in children’s education and the hospital has called for locals’ contribution in bettering communities, following massive loss of donors due to Covid -19.

“We are currently in financial deficiency as last few years it has been tough getting sufficient donor support.

“We have lost alot of doors during and after Covid”, says Schimper, adding government should consider the hospital’s dents and step in to spark up things.

Schimper says government should also change their policies regarding mission hospitals, mentioning not all hospitals still have support from their churches and it’s unfair sideline support to them.

In the same vein, she speaks about unutterable skywarding rate of school droppers.

She says children also need a lot of support financially for school fees and education.”l see too many intelligent and talented students dropping to school due to lack of support”.

“Let’s work together and help each other as one family to make sure our children get education, a boon to poverty”, says the ‘good Samaritan’.

In addition, she encourages locals to team up and meet government half way as far as revamping communities is concerned.

“As a family we should not simply assume that everything is the responsible of government, they should pull up their socks too, but we need to roll up our sleeves and work for our communities”, she proclaims.

Transparenting her purpose of life, Ms Schimper underlines her mission is better life for all, especially children through education and giving them chance to develop their abilities and thereby uplifting the whole community.

Despite land reform program and political instability that costed her arm and leg, still takes pride in injecting rays of support to one of Zimbabwe’s underprivileged community, battling to cross the fence to civilization.

Ms Schimper, currently an ex farmer and founder of an orphanage, Lirhanzo Children’s Village, has been an extra hand to Chikombedzians since 1993, while Zimbabwe was epitomised to a biblical city of Canaan.

She did not delve deeper into the aftermaths of land reform program, referring to what transpired as bygones.

However, she is thrilled to have successfully established an ophanage [On what used to be their farm, smidgen further to Chikombedzi growth point], a good move towards her end goal.

Asked about her safety, she says she feel at home.

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