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Mthimbane Sounds Blasters’ Album On The Go

By Kwanele Khumalo

Regardless of the Covid 19 pandemic which has created a lot of challenges world-wide,Themba Bhoyoyo has released his Album ‘Isimabhiliya’. The album has seven songs namely; umuntu, Isimabiliya, Inyembezi, Isiga saseGwanda,  Omalayitsha, Hlalendlini and Iganyavu.

Bekithemba Sibanda known to many as Themba Bhoyoyo Mathe founded Mthimbane Sounds Blasters in 2011 and released their album ‘ Samarongo’, in 2012 they released ‘Akusont’wencane’.

“Isimabhiliya”, Themba Bhoyoyo

He became sick  for some time, after his recovery, he and his team released’ Ivukile indoda emathuneni’ and ‘Sengidiscov’ istsotsi’ in 2012. In 2015 he released ‘ Amatouch screen’, followed by ‘Sidla okukhona’ and in 2017 ‘Sebehleli nge deaf’. 

In 2018 they released an Album ‘ Ezinkulu zeKhezi’ with Ndux Junior and Dumezweni Mazilankatha, and in 2019 he released ‘ Senza s’thule’.

Bekithemba Sibanda  was born in  May 1974 in Nyamayendlovu and  grew up in Nathisa, Matopo in Kezi. He sang with Ndux Malax in 1995 as a backing vocalist, a dancer and also booked shows.

After Ndux’ s death he went on to meet Madalaboy and Ndolwane in Plumtree, they formed Bukalanga National Sounds with Badalaboyi in 1996.

Following his passion, Sibanda went on to form Mokis connection with a man called Ncube who sponsored them with instruments. They released ‘ Mahlalela in 1998, ‘Batanayi’ in 1999 , ‘Baas boyi’, ‘Ndazindazi’ and  ‘ Wafawafa’.

Themba lamented on the crisis caused by Covid 19.

” As artists we earn money through live shows most of the times, but  Covid 19  has forced us not to do them , which has brought a lot of challenges to us”, he said.

Their latest album is  a strong hit, with songs touching on the current situations affecting our nation.

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