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Sithole tells life of Vatsonga of Zim through drama

By Titos Makondo

Cultural conservationist Obert Sithole has penned a Xitsonga play titled Hi Ta Ku Yini, unpacking the life of Zimbabwe’s Tsonga people during the 80s and 90s.

Produced by Coles studio, the drama is warm and ready, with season one expected to be aired on Avuxeni Community Radio, this coming Saturday.

In an epic chat with The Chiredzi Scrivener, Sithole defined Hi Ta Ku Yini, as a-13-episode documentary, out and about the historical background of the Zim-Tsonga people.

He said the drama offers a sense of humor, while showcasing the richness of Xitsonga language, in terms of dialects, orthology, and terminology.

While the prime objective is to introduce and put on map the Tsonga dialect of Zim, Sithole argued that there is no uniformity in terms of the Tsonga dialects.

“Hence, every dialect is influenced by other enthic groups, and the variation in orthology among the Tsongas from SA, Moza and Zim is out of question.

“We should therefore embrace and celebrate the diversity of us as Tsonga people and thereby putting a stop to dividing and weakening our tribe,” said Sithole.

Sithole, the scriptwriter, who does not compromise to be a Tsonga thanked Billion Largest, Delegate and all actors and actresses for making Hi Ta Ku Yini, a ‘wow’.

“lf God permits we will narrate our life further to were we are now”, he concluded.

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