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Gezani Chieftaincy Restored

By Titos Makondo

The colonial-era canned Gezani chieftaincy in Chiredzi South has been brought to active.

According to reports, the chieftaincy had been put to end by the colonial forces in 1928, resulting in the fall of Chief Gezani, born as Mukoki Gezani.

However, the Gezani chiefstaincy was restored in 2021, by the Second Republic seeking to restore the dignity of traditional leaders.

On 25, June 2023, Makhanani headman Benson Chauke, was crowned as the new chief by Vice President Dr Constantino Chiwenga at the chief’s homestead, Makhanani village, Gezani.

Speaking to legions of people at the chief’s inguaration, V. P. Chiwenga mentioned that the restoration of the Gezani chieftaincy is in line with the Second Republic’s respect for traditional leadership.

VP Chiwenga, who once operated in Gezani area during the liberation struggle urged the Chiredzians to imitate the revolutionary spirit of their forefathers, and vote for President Emmerson Mnangangwa and ZANU PF in the upcoming election.

The installation of Chief Gezani gave Vatsonga an opportunity to show off their Tsonga traditional attire, Xibelani dance and other cultural traditions in the face of Zimbabwe and the entire world.

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