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Think Of Music As Business, Ex MP Tells Local Artists

By Titos Makondo

CHIREDZI south former MP Ailess Baloyi has advised local aspiring artists to stop crying and start marketing their music home and away.

This came after award winning musician Josefa Chauke of Marhula crew brought artists’ worries on board with the intention to milk relevant ideas from specialists, that newbies ought to exercise to excel in the music industry.

According to Josefa, the music industry has turned into a jungle, whereby big names prevail through taking advantage of newbies. ”The heavyweight dominate the industry, and normally offer assistance to young perfomers expecting a huge gain.”

“Avuxeni FM has exposed Chiredzi as a hotbed of musical talents, but most of the gifted young artists abort their dreams due to lack of support. For instance, we have masterful Lance, Lenzo, King Malisanga and others, dropping platinum and tantrum songs but are yet to be recognised,” said Josefa, adding government mustn’t give a blind eye to new talents.

In attempt to suggest a common ground, Hon Ailess Baloyi, currently serving as CEO at the Chiredzi Rural District Council, said it’s high time young artists think of music as a business and market their music widely without necessarily highlighting the tribal card.

“As a busy bee, l fail to listen to our local radio, Avuxeni FM, but l believe artists must be getting some airplay, thus nurturing talents,” said Baloyi.

Baloyi urged every artist hungry for success to stop complaining and execute the following ideas: (1) Think of music as business, (2) Do your music professionally, (3) Market your music, (4) Do public shows, (5) Unite as singers, and (6) Be registered with relevant authorities and organisations.

“l would be happy to meet our local artists and hear how we can support them both as councillors or as individuals where we can,” he concluded.

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