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Zim records 46.4% increase in Covid-19 cases in 48 hours

Zimbabwe has recorded 164 new cases and one more Covid-19 related death in the last 24 hours, bringing the cumulative total number of cases to 11 522. This gives a 46.4 percent increase in the number of new cases from the previous day. 

The death was reported in Harare province and to date, 310 people have succumbed to the deadly virus. On a positive note, 45 recoveries were reported in Bulawayo (42) and Harare (2). The total number of recoveries now stands at 9 599, with a recovery rate of 83.3%  according to the Ministry of Health and Child Care. All provinces reported new cases today, with Bulawayo reporting the highest (66). 

“As of 15 December, Zimbabwe has now recorded 11 522 cases, 9 599 recoveries and 310 deaths,” reads the statement. 

“45 new recoveries were reported, the national recovery rate stands at 83.3% and active cases go up to 1 613 today.”

To date, Bulawayo province has 2 954 cases 2 287 recoveries, 582 active cases and 85 deaths. Matabeleland North has 470 cases, 341 recoveries, 126 active cases and 3 deaths while Matabeleland South has 1 121 cases, 959 recoveries 253 active cases and 9 deaths. 

Statistics released by the Ministry also indicate that Bulawayo and Harare have the highest number of cases per capita, followed by Matabeleland South. Manicaland, Bulawayo and Harare have case fatality ratios above the national average.

68 percent of the deaths are people between 40 and 80 years of age and there are more deaths from males as age rises. Most of the confirmed cases are in the 20 to 40 years age groups and more males are affected when compared to females. 

Meanwhile, the number of new Covid-19 cases and deaths continued to rise in the past week with 70 million cumulative cases and 1.6 million deaths globally since the start of the pandemic. America and Europe account for 85% of new cases and 86% of new deaths globally according to the World Health Organisation.

In its weekly Covid-19 epidemiological update dated 13 December 2020, the World Health Organisation said, “in the past week the number of new COVID-19 cases and deaths continued to rise with 70 million cumulative cases and 1.6 million deaths globally since the start of the pandemic.”

“The Regions of the Americas and Europe continue to shoulder the burden of the pandemic, accounting for 85% of new cases and 86% of new deaths globally. The African and the Western-Pacific Regions have both shown renewed rises in November and December.” 

“This week the African Region reported a rise in new cases and new deaths of over 40% compared with the previous week. In the South-East Asia Region, the number of new cases and deaths continued to decline following a peak in September.” 

The world still grapples with the deadly virus and as we approach Christmas, it’s important to avoid crowded places and always sanitize, wear a face mask and most importantly stay at home where possible.

Nyaladzi Lester Kole

Nyaladzi Lester Kole is my full name. I was born in Plumtree and did my primary education in three different schools: Mlomwe Primary (Grade 1 to 3), Nopemano Primary (Grade 4 to 6) and Thekwane Primary Grade 7. I did my secondary education in Thekwane High (Form 1 to 6). I also did my degree in Publishing Studies at National Univesity of Science and Technology (NUST) and graduated in 2021. Currently working as a publisher at Scrivener Zimbabwe.

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