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REDT Sweat To Bloom Rural Economy

By Titos Makondo

One may wonder what’s Rural Enterprise Development Trust (REDT)? It is a non governmen organisation that can be best defined as a wonderous ever en route busy bee, hunting for investors to build a great Zimbabwe.

REDT, chaired by Joseph Israel Thompson, was started to promote rural investments and keep local economy in good contour. It takes pride in providing foreign markets connections and plugs to the local companies, mainly in the fields of Agriculture and Tourism.

The goods news with REDT is that it is making strides in fishing opportunities for outgrower schemes, where the rural farmers will be supported with inputs and markets, without the facilitation of the middlemen who usually milk the cream out of their hard labour.

Lately members of the organisation attended UAE Business Forum, a business trip which was facilitated by ZIMTRADE, ZIDA and Zim Embassy in UAE, where they exposed Zimbabwe as a haven of fresh produce, seeking to diverse and grow Zim’s exports into UAE.

REDT met prospective investors and discussed cooperation in terms of supply of equipment, capital and running of outgrower facilities. Of all that was said and noted, the chiefest words that keep ichoeing are: REDT is calling for rural Investors to build the Great Zimbabwe from the bottom up.

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