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Matimbe Swallows Malaicha Business

…Alas to the Malaicha, hooray to the locals in SA

THE bent to buying goods in SA and sending to Zimbabwe via malaicha [informal courier services] is now a history, with the dawn of a spat of Matimbe hardware and groceries stores, pricing their goods slightly lower than SA prices.

This may sound as fiction, but it’s truth in it’s virgin form. As per the ripples of reality laced gossips from satisfied clients, Matimbe stores, dotted across Chiredzi South are marked as cheap, convenient and reliable.

In the olden ages, sending goods and money home via malaicha was one of the top means, even though it costed customers [ locals in SA] an arm and a leg. It was erratic and risky, at times, resulting in the courier services providers, delivering excuses instead of goods or money.

As businesses come and go, Malaicha business is about to hit the ceiling, with Matimbe trading rapidly eating out of it’s small market. The locals in SA are gratefully hugging Matimbe’s hot deals, as a getaway from ‘1 × 2’:

One can simply deposit money in SA Matimbe Account to buy goods in any Matimbe store at home. Prices are cheap and delivery is free, a must to those who buy in bulk. As for sending money home, it cost 2% per R100.

“For those who are deeply rooted in the Malaicha system, may be missing out on honey and stuck behind ages,” one happy Matimbe customer once said

“Yeah, it’s time to switch to Matimbe stores where your hard earned cash goes a long way.”

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