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Donate, Make Local Soccer Leagues Great

By Titos Makondo

IN the lowveld, Chiredzi in particular, soccer talent cloudburst, swelling the dawn of leagues, however, the majority of them hatch to smog due to lack of funds.

It takes a community to bolster homemade makings!
The good samaritans and magnates are begged to step in and spice things to Chiredzi’s North East Football Associaton [NEFA], a five month old league, made up of ten teams, in need of funds to greasing it’s operations.

According to NEFA chairperson Whatmore Muchokoti, NEFA hosted several tournaments in and around Chiredzi North and East despite being a tot league with limited resources. “We have now been given a chance to play in the third Level Football, organised by the North East Football Board using Zifa regulations.”

Muchokoti said, “in order to raise funds for the match, we are organising a fun fair event. We would love to display your advertising material at prominent places in return for your sponsorship of the fun fair. We would also be willing to have your logo on our jerseys.”

He added that developing a vibrant league will go a long way in transforming communities. “A lot of ‘peri peri’ talents die unnoticed. This league, we aiming to nurture young talent, give start and exposure, and save youngsters from crime and mischief,” he said.

For donations, contact Whatmore Muchokoti on 071 578 6207 and Tapiwa Mutasa 071 614 3050.

In the same line, in Chiredzi south, Malikango Tournament [MT] also need a financial injection to keep it breathing, growing and sparkling. Malikango Tournament is six years old, attracting more than ten teams across Chiredzi district. However, it takes place only once per year due to lack of funds.

The MT Financial Directior Urombo Makolo told this publication that Malikango FC Body is the main planner of the event. “Normally, we invite the local stakeholders to assist us in planning and also funding the tournament,” Makolo explained.

Makolo said MT is seeking to scouting talented boys and referring them to better clubs, bringing frolicking and socicial interaction across Chiredzi district and bringing business to Chikombedzi Growth point.

Contact the following for donation: Urombo Makolo on 077 240 6546 and Kenny Khupuka on 077 778 5672.

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