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Julius Machiri: ‘I wonder in you’

I wonder in you

The wind blowing as I watch atop the hill,
The humming sound of the grinding mill.
The squadron to the east performing a battle drill,
Each a tickling stitch that makes me feel
Mesmerized, mused, and coerced to stand still.
The deciduous, leafless and smooth baobab tree.
Standing, naked and proud singing let it be, in
Fuhrer Nature you're are the law, I follow thee.
The seasons, the climate, that’s you we see.
The spreading sheet of the sky's blue,
The spartan expansive oceanic hue,
I wonder in oblivion forgetting I am a speck of you.
Dice is the game you play to stay anew,
So I am a chance that you did yourself threw.
Now I am anxiously struggling in dear you,
wishing they taught more about thee at school.
The shimmering candle daylight that's our sun,
The romantic candle nightlight that's the moon.
Twinkling stars; some are history books of a time long gone,
Some our destiny in a time to come soon.
Sagittarius, Sarus, Orion...; another far away place to be born.
As it rains
Standing by the window as it rains
Drenching the ground and filling the drains
Croaking frogs in adjacent plains
Scuttling pupils in  muddy grey pants
My widow neighbour with her little kid
Walking down along the gravel road
A plastic  bag covering her head
Smiling at me but she looked sad
The boy speeding with a green wheelbarrow
Rushing for the bridge before it overflows
The  girl standing akimbo next door
As if a ritual to make it rain more
They were cuddling as they went
My uncle the other I guess was a whore
These two were elusive as a riddle
Why when raining they go for the jungle

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