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J. S. Machiri: ‘When it rains’

When it rains
When it's raining, I feel mad and sad
The continuous humming of the raindrops
As if echoes of my distant ghostly past
As they hit the roof top of my room
Like taunts from an invisible mocker
The darkness when l look through the window
Blurry like the uncertainties of the future
The rumbling thunder in the black sky
Sound like signaling of an impending disaster
The flashing lightning cracking the dark
Strike like unforeseeable calamities
The rains make me feel mad and sad
As I sleep awake on my ageing bed
As my thought drift with the falling rain
And my lonesome mind sip through my soul
Like raindrops sipping in the ground
The wind blowing and whistling
sarcastic songs
To my depressed heart and rudderless thoughts
The quietness of living sounds
As no bird would be singing in the rain
The roar of a distant vehicle in the dark
Reminding me that I am still with the daffodils
And my predicaments are still with me
While tomorrow waits, it awaits with a dampened ground
That I would tread with my bare feet
And the cold wet ground mirrors
It mirrors the cold souls I will meet
It makes me mad and sad when raining
I fall into scary pits of despair and distress
As the rains sing, "here the new cycle comes"
Reminding me of the cycles I go through
Every moment, every year and every stage
That keeps kicking me around and round in circles
Waiting for the proverbial call
When I will leave all the greens and all that glitters
To the dark that waits in gloom
To the future that eagerly awaits
That I fear will devour me to nothing
To nothing I can imagine
Wreckage of Deception
Her thoughts chime with the fading nights
Singing rhymes of a lover's pains
Prodding her into a bubble of regrets
Burgeoned by a kaleidoscope of distraught
That poke her like a rogue unicorn's horns
To a rendezvous she wishes never to be
Where she stares at her muddled deeds
Dressed up in purple ribbons of shame
Adorning a crown emblazoned Miss whore world
There, her dust castles are blown
And her sins sing songs of mourn
Over hills and valleys of her soul in shame
An unholy soul will never hide behind deception
But if only no one knew
She would be singing holy holy with her fairy angels
And holy the same in her delusions
As she sleeps away in her nightmare dreams
By J . S Machiri
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2 thoughts to “J. S. Machiri: ‘When it rains’”

  1. The poems are pregnant ,
    very rich indeed,
    vocabulary ,expression ,imagery similes ,
    all sorts of gestures,
    This is beaultifull poetry ,keep de fire burn ,
    even upto the end of time

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