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Poetry: Falls, the tree

By Justin Salani

We  were all alert when the tree fell,
On top of the roof, the house WHACK
In our hearts sadness, WHOP
Waves of shock, hard on us  WHAM
In our spirits the news WHANG.
The tree shed its fruits for our stomachs
Its evergreen leaves shed us shade.
Not for us only did it shed
Distant blood relatives ate from its all-season shed
The community dined and wined under its mansion-beauty shade
The clergy know its shade shelter, for the vulnerable shed
Now its leaves have withered and has shed
Who will, for us all provide shade?
We were all alert when the tree fell
It has stopped shedding for us, reality strikes
For one last time can we see its fruits?
No luck, on top of the roof it fell,
Smashed even our hearts, and distant huts
Its true she has gone for good.
We will meet in the eschatological new shoots.


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