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Bikita South Councillors, MDT Collaborate to Spearhead Community Development

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In a significant development, the residents of Bikita South Constitueny have set aside their political differences and embraced unity as a driving force for community developmet.

Recently, elected councilors in the constituency joined forces with the non-profit organization Matsai Development Trust (MDT), a group of young individuals born and raised in the Matsai Community who have returned from various parts of the world to address the challenges facing their community.

The collaboration between MDT and councilors is a notable departure from the past, as MDT had previously faced hurdles in their work due to the lack of engagement with councilors.

Recognizing the pivotal role councilors play in community development, acting as representatives of residents’ interests at the ward level and sitting on the Bikita Rural District Council (RDC) board, this partnership aims to bridge the gap between Matsai residents and the RDC. Councilors facilitate communication, conveying residents’ needs to the council and relaying development plans to the community.

MDT Coordinator, Mr. Chiremba, regarded this initiative as a groundbreaking moment, expressing optimism for the forthcoming programs scheduled for implementation this year. He emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “I have full confidence that this joint venture will pave the way for easier execution of our programs, not only this year but in the future.”

The main challenges faced by the Matsai community revolve around infrastructure, such as dilapidated gravel roads and broken bridges that restrict access to various locations. Additionally, the lack of access to clean drinking water poses significant health risks, including waterborne diseases like cholera. Mr. Chiremba identified these challenges as priorities to be addressed through the partnership between MDT and councilors.

Mr. Chiremba made it clear that this collaborative effort is apolitical and dissociated from national politics. He emphasized that the Deed of Trust explicitly states the non-partisan nature of the institution and emphasized that the Trust will distance itself from individuals with self-serving agendas who seek to use the Trust for personal gain.

Furthermore, Mr. Chiremba emphasized that Matsai Development Trust perceives councilors not as representatives of political parties but as civil servants mandated to serve the residents of Matsai, regardless of their affiliations. He urged councilors to shed their political attire once elected and prioritize the betterment of Matsai.

This joint venture marks a significant turning point for the Bikita South Constituency as it unites diverse stakeholders in pursuit of community development. Through collaboration and an unwavering commitment to addressing infrastructure challenges and improving access to basic amenities, Matsai aims to establish a brighter and more prosperous future for its residents.

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