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Imitate Matimbe Enterprise, Dr Mzambia Tells Local Businesses


By Titos Makondo

The vivid Xitsonga traditional music maestro, Dr Mzambia Xaka Mthangwani , who scooped the upper soup at the Matimbe Hlengweni Music Promotion, urges local businesses to follow in the footsteps of Matimbe enterprise.

Yesterweekend Matimbe enterprise [ Chiredzi South based grocery and hardware stores] hosted the Matimbe Hlengweni Music Contest. They coughed a huge amount to support gifted aspiring local artists.

Organised by the local doyen of arts Billion Largest, the Matimbe Hlengweni Music Contest was open only for Chiredzi musicians, and more than thirty artists signed on.This took place when many local artists were debilitating and about to abort their dreams due to a sly of support given to them.

The music champions were chosen through casting the votes. In a batch of hot talented maestrols and minstrels, Dr Mzambia Xaka Mthangwani scored 338 votes to come first. Madzibaba Hardy Chipesu came next with 202 votes, and the dazzling Queen Progie snatched the third prize with 295 votes.

Born and bred in Chigwedziva, Chiredzi South, Dr Mzambia Xaka Mthangwani was quite pleased to became the big cock. He lauded Matimbe enterprise and encouraged local companies to make giving back to the community a norm.

“Matimbe business is an exemplary to the crucial habit that enterprises need to exert for the benefit of communities. Thus, l beg all local enterprises to pride in backing local talents and other moves that need a financial muscle,” said Dr Mzambia who has released an alluring two albums and ten single tracks.

Dr Mzambia Xaka Mthangwani further urged local businesses, local and national government, non-profit organisations and other spheres to put first local artists, and book them in local and national events.

For bookings and donations to Hlengweni/Chiredzi muscians, contact Billion Largest on +27 718 154 448 and at

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