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Lowveld Adventure With Road Trips Travellers’ Club

The festive season is upon us, and your country boy is joining a number of urban folks in rural peregrination. But should holidaying mean traveling from our urban sanctuaries to the countryside for a break from the hustles and bustles of urban life? Well, we can travel to areas of interest for adventure. That’s the actual definition of a holiday, an extended period for leisure and recreation. 

A perfect destination for a retreat is the Lowveld, especially for nature enthusiasts who would want to enjoy a pristine wilderness. From the fringes of Mkwasine Estate to as far as Sango border post, there is a considerable number of tourist destinations, with world class hospitality services, such as Singita-Pamushana in Malilangwe. 

Gonarezhou National Park in particular has a number of tourist camps, and it gives wanderers an opportunity to interact with nature. Owing to its membership of the Great Limpopo Trans frontier Park, Gonarezhou has a large biological diversity making it an appropriate destination for nature enthusiasts

Bosman’s Community Camp is one of the most prestigious camps in the Gonarezhou.  Located high up on the banks of Mwenezi river, the camp provides a clear view into the Malipati Safari Area and downstream of Swimuwini and Rossi Pools in the south of Gonarezhou. 

The camp is booked on a self-catering basis, and has six fully furnished ensuite tents with a central kitchen, dining and boma area. It can be booked as a single camp of six units or as two separate camps of four units at Bosman’s Main Camp and two units at Little Bosman’s Camp. 

While visiting these destinations can be expensive especially during the festive season, and planning can be a daunting task, The Road Trips Travellers’ Club can make the work easier and even less costly. 

The Road Trips Travellers’ Club organises custom planned trips to local travel destinations. The club capitalises on group travelling, which reduces the cost of travelling per head due to the ability to take advantage of economies of scale. 

“The Road Trips Traveller’s Club is an organisation which offers travel agency services. Our main thrust is to promote domestic tourism, by facilitating custom made trips for travellers to enjoy the benefits of tourism with minimum resources available,” says Mr Chimambo, The Road Trips Traveller’s Club Public Relations Officer. 

The organisation also offers tour guide services, consultancy services and travel planning, booking accommodation, car hiring and tourism related events planning. Conscious of the need to promote sustainable tourism, The Road Trips Traveller’s Club also carries out environmental awareness programmes in partnership with local organisations like the Lions Club Chiredzi. 

The organisation is also working in partnership with KhayaLethu, a tourism destination close to Mahenye Village which is being developed to provide a range of hospitality services to travellers. They also publish a magazine, The Travellers Club, which is available in both print and electronic formats.

Nyaladzi Lester Kole

Nyaladzi Lester Kole is my full name. I was born in Plumtree and did my primary education in three different schools: Mlomwe Primary (Grade 1 to 3), Nopemano Primary (Grade 4 to 6) and Thekwane Primary Grade 7. I did my secondary education in Thekwane High (Form 1 to 6). I also did my degree in Publishing Studies at National Univesity of Science and Technology (NUST) and graduated in 2021. Currently working as a publisher at Scrivener Zimbabwe.

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