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Poetry: Why

By Chikondi steven

The question why is the government so hard doing corruption
But at the same time say it’s bad
I now understan why street kids come in
We ar in the world that never show love
Why do people die young
Why do devil get good life
Why does my mother gets old

I need a answer
But my mind is full of cancer
I ask Google but he told his not my teacher
Why do days go fast

Am seated in my room
I hear voices
Telling me am a misteck
That am loose
I made some songs
Took my ear phones on my ears
But the situation it’s just worse

Why do I speak alone
Why do I feel am a cloud myself
Am on the middle of the road people are closing
But I feel empty
I feel scared

Why am I so traumatised
Why is depression coming to me
I never thought my heart will disappoint me
My family too
Doesn’t know the. S**t have been through

Why am I called mc
Why I need a everything.
But I can’t get a thing
Am done

About The Author

Name Chikondi steven
Age 21
Nationality Zambian

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