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Singita-Pamushana Lodge . . . ‘a place of miracles’

Like the meaning of the name when translated from xiChangana, the picturesque Singita which is perched high on a sandstone ridge overlooking the shimmering expanse of the Malilangwe Dam is indeed ‘miraculously’ splendours. Singita-Pamushana Lodge is a high-end facility located in Malilagwe Wildlife Reserve.

The five star lodge prides itself in hosting high profile figures from around the globe. Jack Ma and Bill Gates for instancehave enjoyed the African sunrise at Singata-PamushanaLodge.. In Zimbabwe, Finance and Economic Development Minister is one of the government officials to visit Singita(mashura), a ‘place of miracles’

It seems the great Great Zimbabwe architecture inspired a number of present day designs. The organic shaped buildings of Singita-Pamushana Lodge according to Malilangwe Trust are reminiscent of the Great Zimbabwe civilisation. The lodge consists of 4×1-bedroom suites each with private plunge pool, 1×2-bedroom family suite with a private plunge pool, 1×3-bedroom family suite, amongst other facilities, with WIFI access. 

Malilangwe which literally mean “call of the leopards” is a pristine wilderness with 38 different habitats and ecological zones covering 130 000 acres of protected land. Activities in Malilangwe include twice-daily game drives in open game-viewing vehicles, walking safaris, tiger fishing, excursions to ancient rock art sites amongst others. The pristine Malilangwehas a wide range of plant and animal species for nature lovers. It is served by Buffalo Range Airport.

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