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Suicide and men’s mental health

The subject of mental health, particularly that of men, has in the recent past begun to gain traction than it did in the yester years. In more ways than one, quite a number of individuals, governmental and non-governmental organisations have taken it upon themselves to spread awareness on this subject of mental health that, in the far past, had been marginalised for too long.

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“Conservation of vultures, key to ecosystem sustainability”

Through a workshop held at Nyangambe Secondary School recently, over thirty villagers from Nyangambe Communal Area were taught on the need to conserve vultures as well as their importance in ecosystem sustainability. The workshop which was facilitated by a UKZN, SA PhD student Kudzanai Sandra Dhliwayo was held following the 2022 International Vulture Awareness Day celebrations under the theme “Help Save Vultures.”

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